I saw Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches when it was first made with the Turkish language soundtrack. However, even though I could not understand the narration, I found the visuals so compelling, and focus on the life of the Apostle Paul so unmistakable, that I became enthralled in the program and could not shut it off. This is a beautiful piece of work from believers in Turkey sharing with us the rich heritage of the New Testament events and the earliest spread of the Gospel that took place in their country. It enriches our understanding of and appreciation for the tumultuous first years of the Christian church and its dissemination through the Roman Empire.

A. Kenneth Curtis Ph.D
Christian History Institute

Amazing! This is a beautiful and very well produced documentary on the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul, truly the best we've seen.

Norton Rodriguez

This movie is unique in that it conveys a Turkish passion for the Christian heritage of Anatolia. Native producers have mixed carefully-researched historical information with the incredibly beautiful sights and sounds of modern Turkey. You cannot watch this film and keep yourself from dreaming of Turkey alive once again with the faith of the Apostle Paul.

Rev. David Hunter
International Turkey Network

This DVD is well done and should be part of every Christian's library. It is helpful to see the actual places where Paul journeyed.

Colin Maddix
Value-Growth Inc.

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